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Since 2010, Daizu world, a happy world  specifically for kids and families.

    We specialize in manufacturing of game machines with four years experience of exporting of various models and accessories.  Our main products include: simulator shooting game machines, car racing game machines, lottery game machines, amusement game machines, kiddy ride machines, basketball game machines, soft play, toy crane machines, and video game machines.

     We devote ourselves to offering one-station service to the investors of game center. We offer the game machines, game center design, game machines combination, profit-creating programs to you. Our aim is to help the investors to save as much early-stage cost as possible, and create quick profits in the following stage, and let your customers have a good time.
We  could dispatch our technician to your country, help you install, service your game machines, and offer trainings to your staff. We could also assist our customers  with their profit-creating programs.

      Let us work together to make our lives more beautiful in peace.