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what games make customer shouting ?

2014-5-18      View:

  Today is a big day for our company. Because our friendly Pakistancustomer come to visit us . He took the gifts for all of us . We like it very much.

  He visited our show room played all the game machines one by one ,  he was so excited. After one hours , he did not give us clear information that what games he will took this time.

  When we went to the corner of the show room , he shouted : Oh, wonderful ,thats what I want


 Sands Pandora  advantages :

1.   Cultivate kids’ connoisseurship for color , shape and pattern.

2.   Develop kids finger’s flexibility and sports skill.

3.   Increase kids discovery and sensory experience.

4.   Cultivate kids’ observation ,attentiveness and imagination ability .

5.   Develop kids Creativity ability.


   Warm prompt:

 Use warm water and liquid soap or soap to wash hands .

 Sands Pandora, environmental protection ,non-poisonous ,strong operability, modelling at will.

   Characteristic :

 Never harden , insoluble in water , can use again and again.