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The voice of customer

2014-4-18      View:

                                                     The voice of customer

Last week ,we join a class for sharing sales experience for video game machine.

I learned many from the class , but I think below 9 sentences is the most important for all of us to treat customer.

It shared by a lecturer who is a sales but also a buyer fromIran.

1.       Please smiley  at me when meet me ,I can feel your emotion ,I want happy life the same as you.

2.       I hope to be respected , I like people remember my name , I also want to know who you are.

3.       Don’t promote products to me at first time , please understand what I need in advance ,surely I will buy from you.

4.       I didn’t have so much question , but please help me solve it honestly ,if you help me I will trust you easily.

5.       If I choose the products for my relatives , I hope you also care them like me , in that case I will be deeply touched.

6.       If I didn’t buy right now ,please talk with me more , I don’t like a cold attitude.

7.       Please smile when you say goodbye to me , I will come to you again , if I forgot , please remind me .

8.       If I can be your friend I will very happy , I am glad to help my friend.

9.       A small Pleasantly surprised occasionally ,even it’s only a Tea egg, I will be touched by your friendly and thank you remember me .

                                                                               Shared by Miss Tifa  from Daizu world game machine company