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How to communicate with customer ?

2014-4-19      View:


    In game machine this special business line, I think communicate is more important than other business.

    As you know , the electronic products always have more or less quality problem , especially for game machine , people played it everyday .The player age from 3years to 30 years or up. So it’s usual there have problem happen to the machine, it’s understandable .But for customer , they will feel angry ,and they will think it’s your products quality problem and they will not listen to your explain .At that moment , it’s very important for us to take steps make the customer stay or the customer will walk away silently.

    I met this case tow month ago , after the customer get 3 containers of video game machine , she was so angry and thread she would return all the arcade games back to China, cause there have water come to the container .When I heard about this , I didn’t get upset , I talked with the customer on Skype , she said many unfriendly words and some was insulting. I didn’t say anything during her talking . I can feel how she was feeling at that moment . After she stopped , I said to her , dear , thank you tell us the situation of the machine ,I am so sorry for the trouble you suffered now , I can understand you very well , if I were you , I would more angry than you. She was quiet for 2 minutes, I thought she didn’t think I will talk like this way. “sorry , I am not polite…” words come to my eyes ….

 After we analyze this case with workshop , shipping company and every related department , we found it’s not our main problem ,in April , the have rain for half a month , the container on the sea for 1 month , so it cause water went the container . It’s lucky we have helped the customer bought insurance before we sent the machine .So we help the customer complain from the insurance company, all the problem are solved ,the customer is so happy. Now she is keeping cooperating with us for more than 3 years .

 So it’s important to face all the problem and try your best to help customer solve everything , don’t ignore , hide or disappear from your customer when problem happened , you will be successful.

                                      Edited by Miss Tifa from Daizu world game machine company