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The story of our Customer from Thailand

2014-6-27      View:

  Our Thailandcustomer came to visit us yesterday .

He was so interested in the  writing artwork which we buy from a famous calligrapher when he come into our office .

He told us his father came toChinamany times and he is very interested inChinaculture , especially writing in brush. When we went to showroom to see the game machine  he talked about the writing all the way .

He played every game machine and asked the price one by one , our team thought we would have a tough negotiating in the next moment and we all were ready for it carefully.

After we came back to office ,our team with customer came into the meeting room , we began to do our job  , Surprisingly , the customer didn’t ask anything , but chose the machine and confirmed the order. He even paid the deposit in cash . Oh , my god , what happened ? How could it be ? it was not a small amount. We all stunned and speechlessly.

Our customer glanced at all of us and said slowly: “Now , I have a question”.

“Yes , please” we answered with one voice .

“Can I take the writing artwork hang on the wall as a gift ……” He bowed his head .

 Aha , the customer like the writing artwork .

 “I want to take it for my father as his birthday gifts……” Customer explained it with small voice .

 We know this artwork is our boss’s favorite , but when we explain to our boss , he thought for 2 or 3 minutes , then said :”ok ,gave it to him” and he also gave bless to customer’s father,

Customer was so happily ,we have delicious dinner together in aThailandrestaurant to celebrate our cooperation  ,surprisingly again , the customer rushed to pay the dinner.