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How to improvement everyday as a game machine sales?

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As a sales in game machine this industrial , it need passion and patience to communicate with your customer .

where can you get passion ?

The most important thing I think is keep studying slot machine knowledge everyday.

Now I tell you the tips for how to improvement everyday?

1.Never say impossible.

2.Find solution for any problem you met , not excuses.

3.Get into the habit of recording.

4.Look into the mirror before you go outside, give confidence smile to yourself.

5.Self-examination every evening.

6.Don’t interrupt when other people speaking ,be a good audient.

7.Save money at fixed period.

8.Honesty and trust worthiness ,do what you said

9.Self-confident smile and mature behavior towards people and doing things.

10, Seat at the first row when attend meeting  or training .

These 10 tips are all used by our team member everyday ,it’s very useful. Hope it will help you also .


                                               Shared by Daizu world  game machine company