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My dear 5D cinema customer

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Yesterday my 5D cinema customer come to our company , we have very happy time together.

He is fromBahrain,his main business is hotel chain. Now he wants set 5D cinema in each of his hotel .

We have a wonderful conversation  in the meeting room. He told me he did hotel business for 20 years, When he was young , he read books everyday ,that’s help him get many knowledge and experience for his business After he knew I also like reading , ‘that’s good ,really good , good ….”he kept said three times .

 “You are so successful, could you recommend  some books to me ? “I asked .

“Yes ,I am happy doing that .When I was a sales , I read <> , <>,<>….:” He said with smile on his face . After this he shared many interesting things to me . We talked more than 2 hours , how enjoyable the conversation is .I really learned too much things from him.

In the afternoon , we go to the factory to see the amusement game machines , after we tested the 5D cinema ,he played the other arcade machine one by one , he loved them very much . “These machine remind my nice Childhood ,I miss it .:” he looks like a big boy at that time. He is very good at playing the simulator racing and shooting machine . I will think about take the 5D cinema and these video game machine together.

As you know it have a very results at last, I got a big order from him.

From this customer , I summarized when we talked the customer , we need treat the customer honestly ,listen to them speak more , don’t interrupt them .Give proper compliment to them. Let them feel be respected.

For game machine , If the customer don’t have rich knowledge about it , let them experience the machine ,because it will help them know the machine clearly and faster.

Good luck !

          This documents is shared by Miss Tifa from Daizu world game machine Co., Ltd.